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KATflow 230
Portabl e Cl amp-On Ul trasoni c Fl owmeter
KATflow 230
Portabl e Cl amp-On Ul trasoni c Fl owmeter
The KATfl ow 230 i s easi l y portabl e but i ncorporates an
advanced speci fi cati on for si tuati ons whi ch requi re
comprehensi ve measurement features coupl ed wi th
easy operati on. The fl owmeter has two measurement
channel s, whi ch al l ow i t to moni tor two pi pes si mul -
taneousl y or to i mprove accuracy i n non-i deal condi ti
ons. The K
ATfl ow 230 can al so be suppl i ed wi th a vari ety
of opti ons to meet the most di verse appl i cati on
requi rements.

The K
ATfl ow non-i nvasi ve fl owmeters work on the
transi t ti me ul trasoni c pri nci pl e. Thi s i nvol ves sendi ng
and recei vi ng ul trasoni c pul ses from a pai r of sensors
and exami ni ng the ti me di fference i n the si gnal .
Katroni c uses cl amp-on transducers that are mounted
external l y on the surface of the pi pe and whi ch generate
pul ses that pass through the pi pe wal l . The fl owi ng
l i qui d wi thi n causes ti me di fferences i n the ul trasoni c
si gnal s, whi ch are then eval uated by the fl owmeter to
produce an accurate fl ow measurement.
The key pri nci pl e of the method appl i ed i s that sound
waves travel l i ng wi th the fl ow wi l l move faster than
those travel l i ng agai nst i t. The di fference i n the transi t
ti me of these si gnal s i s proporti onal to the fl ow vel oci ty
of the l i qui d and consequentl y the fl ow rate.
Si nce el ements such as fl ow profi l e, type of l i qui d and
pi pe materi al wi l l have an effect on the measurement,
the fl owmeter compensates for and adapts to changes
i n the medi um i n order to provi de rel i abl e resul ts. The
i nstruments can be used i n a vari ety of l ocati ons, from
measurements on submari nes to i nstal l ati ons on
systems desti ned for use i n space, and on process fl ui ds
as di fferent as puri fi ed water i n the pharmaceuti cal
sector and toxi c chemi cal effl uent. The fl owmeters wi l l
operate on vari ous pi pe materi al s and di ameters over a
range of 10 mm to 6, 500 mm.
• Pi pe di ameter rang
e 10 mm to 6, 500 mm
• Temperature range for sensors
-30 °C to +250 °C (-22 °F to +482 °F)
• Robust I P 65 al umi ni um encl osure
• Sel ectabl e three-l i ne LCD di spl ay and ful l keypad
• Battery l i fe up to 24 hours wi th easi l y repl aceabl e
battery cartri dge
• Measurement of two fl ows si mul taneousl y
• Dual fl ow moni tori ng wi th sum, average,
difference and maximum cal cul ati ons
• PT100 i nputs for heat quanti ty (thermal energy)
• Process output opti ons i ncl udi ng current,
open-col l ector, rel ay
• Large data l ogger and software for sampl i ng
and data transfer
• Stai nl ess steel sensors, cabl e and connectors
as standard

• Avai l abl e wi th crush-proof I P 67 transport case or
l i ghtwei ght soft case
• Expansi on box for addi ti onal i nput or output
confi gurati on and speci al sol uti ons
• Opti onal pi pe wal l thi ckness gaug
• Speci al waterproof sol uti on avai l abl e for harsh
envi ronmental condi ti ons
• KATdata+ software for data eval uati on
• Heati ng, Venti l ati on and Ai r Condi ti oni ng (HVAC)
• Larg
e pi pe measurement wi th two sensor pai rs i n ‘ X’
confi gurati on
• Temporary repl acement of conventi onal i n-l i ne
fl owmeters
• Bui l di ng surveys on l arge faci l i ti es
• Effi ci ency moni tori ng of heat exchang
Model: KF230-1-03-3-1-CD-4-0-0-0/BP
KF230 Portable KATflow 230, two measurement
channels, serial interface RS 232
Katronic Vietnam
Model: K1N-1-1-60-P-E000/CA
K1N Transducer pair, pipe diameter range 50 …
3000 mm, Process temperature -30 … 130
°C, including acoustic coupling paste, standard cable length 
Katronic Vietnam